Feb 15, 2012

Screenshots from Oddities - "Seeing Scars" Episode 9

*update: the online version is now live! http://science.discovery.com/videos/oddities-seeing-scars-videos/
Here are some screenshots from my recent episode on the quirkiest show on Science Channel. I'm Season 3, the most recent.
If you don't have premium cable, you can still watch it on iTunes like me for $2.99!
I'm not giving away what oddity Evan & Mike found for me so you'll have to just TiVo it or dip into your fun-fund to find out! It's ODD for sure! I never even knew such a thing existed!
Here's the online link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/seeing-scars/id485864364?i=501979706
They even got my laugh down!

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  1. It might seem odd, but I like your scar. It shows that even with something that society deems as ugly, You, Miss Chang are still beautiful.