Feb 15, 2012

"Les Fleur de Shanghai" on Leap Year 2012

Don't miss this month's "Les Fleurs de Shanghai" on Wed. 2/29 at Duane Park featuring Shien Lee, DeeDee Luxe, myself, and guest er hu player Andy Lin. Our last show was sold out so don't wait til the last minute to secure your table.

Many people ask how much the event cost. The answer is there is no cover to come. But if you want to be able to get a good table to watch the show, you have to make dinner table reservations. If you are seated at the dining room area where you can see everything without craning your neck, dinner is required. 
If you want to take your chance and just "show up" like many non-committal New Yorkers do (ummm... new dating topic!), you will have to sit at the bar which only comfortably seats about 10-15 people and you won't get a great view of the show. 
Don't worry though. The dinner menu is not exorbitantly expensive. Everything is reasonably priced. You can order a salad or entree. Or even the truffle fries which are to DIE FOR. I personally love the herbed roasted chicken. I always get that. So delish. AND the portions are on the big side. Not like dining at some of the other "tiny portion in giant plates" rip off restaurants. 
Dinner & show RSVP required by calling 212.732.5555. Seating starts at 7:30PM. Show at 8:30PM.

Come dine and enjoy a beautiful show in an elegant setting on this auspicious leap year night. Leap year brings luck to all who attend!

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