Feb 24, 2012

New Nude Photos for Purchase

I've finally reached 1,000 Twitter followers this week after enticing my fans with the release of a free nude picture of me. I know 1,000 isn't a big deal at all compared to celebrities and established performers. But it's a milestone for me and plus, I like the idea of giving away something free at every 1000.

The free download was only available online for 12 hours, after that, I disabled it. However, I have also released a series of four nude pictures that are available for purchase online. These are satin-finish, 8x10 color prints for $15 + $6 S/H to anywhere in the US.

These are my favorite photos ever. I love the elegance and contrast against the gray background. I wanted these to be tasteful, and it made me SO happy when I woke up the next morning to find that one of my fans have already purchased a print and said he was going to frame it and hang it up in his living room along with the rest of the decor as it could go quite well.

Nude prints available for purchase online - http://foxfatale.com/prints  Photo by Mike Webb Photography

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