Apr 23, 2010

My birthday, a new show, butt plug, a new act

That's what's going on in the last couple of weeks! Wednesday was my birthday - 35!!! I have no qualms about my age and I'll tell anyone who ask how old I am. Frankly I have no idea why it's such a big deal. I don't care if I'm 35 or 45 cause I never want to be in my 20s again. I have liked every new year of my life better than the last year. And I'm having the best motherfucking time ever in my life in every aspect of my life. I would have NEVER ever dreamed of this when I was in high school. The high school me thought the 35 year old me would be a journalist of some kind successful in some way (I was voted "most likely to succeed" my senior year). I don't think I ever pictured myself married or with kids though. That scenario never entered into my "visualization board". I refuse to define my sense of success and happiness through mainstream culture. Vivian Luu of The Northwest Asian Weekly recently wrote this article about one of my burlesque heroines, The Shanghai Pearl out in Seattle, and she kindly interviewed me and let me share the article too.

The other new thing that I've been working on has finally been finalized this week. I am starting a new monthly Saturday night show with UK luxury lingerie and erotic toy boutique Coco de Mer at their little velvet room in the back of the flagship Nolita store. The first inaugural show is Saturday, June 19 at 8pm. Seating starts at 730pm. 42Below vodka is my official alcohol sponsor for the show and will be featuring a punch bowl and two muddled cocktails that will rotate monthly. This show is a little over an hour long and will be open bar provided by 42Below. The cover is still TBD but believe you me, you will hear more about this show. It's very exclusive because the room can only fit 35 people. The line-up will be announced shortly, but so far Amber Ray and Madame Rosebud are on board! The show will be called "Calamity Chang Presents Spreading the Curtains at Coco de Mer" - I will host the event and have obviously burlesque performances but I'm also going to finally do the 2 other performances I've been dying to do: prose interpretation of a piece of erotica and a demonstration performance utilizing one of the boutique's sex toys.

Speaking of new acts, I found this beauty at the store. I've been looking for a jeweled butt plug for an act then I saw this beauty. But next to this beauty was a butt plug that has a horse tail at the end!!! I think I stopped breathing for 2 seconds when I saw the horsetail butt plug. I must have it!!

Tonight I'm celebrating my birthday with a limo ride - having some friends over for a drink first then headed up to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem cause that's Texas to me! Peanut shells on the floor, live music, and an ol skool limo provided by Al Limosine!

Here's what I found when I came home this afternoon. Michael decorated the apartment to surprise me!! No one other than my mom has ever successfully surprised the Chang. Not an easy feat to do.

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