Apr 8, 2010

Beatles Burlesque TIME OUT NY Critic's Pick

Holy shit the show is next Monday!!! I am SO excited I'm having insomnia. We were up til 4am watching Requiem For a Dream for some reason last night, after I got home from Dr Lukki's class and seeing the show at The Delancey. I have not worked the last 2 weeks or this week, which is quite a luxury for me to have the whole day to spend on burlesque things such as working on costumes with the Beatles gogo dancers (Gemini Rising, Tansy, Vegasm) and with Brassy, adding sparkly fringe on her dresses, going to band rehearsals sitting in the studio much like Yoko did in this video clip (I'll find the link later), and promoting the crap out of the show. Luckily for me, Time Out NY listed it as a Critic's Pick calling me "...host and harbinger of band doom as 'Yoko Chang'" - haha. NY Post also listed the show which I only found out because they twittered it. I'm also excited to have Cherry Belle, from the very economically smart and brilliantly produced online magazine Burlesque Magazine, review the show next Monday. Fingers crossed!!

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