Apr 5, 2010

High Priestess

Costume is DONE! Workin on a "Yellow Fever" one next. Both should be ready to debut by next week. That's what I've been busy doing. Tonight is Harlow's Hide-a-way at Fontana's - I'll be doing Enter Sandman which coincidentally is also what I'll be doing at the next F*BOMB show at The Delancey on April 24th with "Beatallica" - yes, you read right, a band that covers Beatles songs in Metallica death metal style and vice versa. They are quite brilliant and the re-working of the lyrics are ingenious. For example, "Sandman Calling", "Hero of the Day Tripper", "All You Need Is Blood".

Another day when I have more witty or not-so-witty observations to make, I'll write more.

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