Apr 8, 2011

French Spirits Soiree! Thursday, April 14!

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Now here's a private event gig that I am really looking forward to! If I wasn't performing in it, I would go myself as a civilian and indulge in the cheese & charcuterie plate by Murray's Cheese and sample UNLIMITED drinks du jour from the hedonistic era of La Belle Epoque like absinthe and other Parisian cocktails. Just thinking about the event makes me feel sophisticated. Who needs an English degree from a fancy university when you can pay a mere $55 and pontificate with the best of them?

Oh wait, the VIP $55 is SOLD OUT already. Well, you can still get the freshman $40 for general entry from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Tickets are available by CLICKING HERE.

There's cabaret live music provided by The Hot Sardines who I am looking forward to meeting. For those familiar with the scene they have performed at Juliette's Shanghai Mermaid parties as well as Don Spiro and Diane Naegel's Wit's End parties. More details click here.

I'll be going on around 8pm (but I'm most likely gonna be there hanging out early to "absorb" the scene) then head to my weekly show "Spanking the Lower East Side" at Nurse Bettie followed by Stormy Leather's "Meaner, Harder, Leather" at Vig27. It's a tripleXXX night.

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