Apr 15, 2011

Follow Up: French Spirits Soiree: Pictures by Gabi Porter

Last night was seriously fun, fast paced, and intense. I made it to all three gigs on time and knocked it out. It's really amazing to do the same act three times in one night at three different venues and very different crowd every time. By the end of the night, the act reached a new level of growth and I discovered a couple of new corners and gestures in it.

Here are some of my favorites from the French Spirits Soiree event which was so beautiful, sophisticated, and full. The party was really fun and so many fancy cocktails, bread, cheese, and meat plates. The full album is by Gabi Porter for MetroMix. I'm finally in MetroMix!!! Bloody time!

Charlie Gunn & Tina Tassels

The Hot Sardines, they were so good

Doing my sparklers act in front of the window with full view access for the pedestrians on the street

Check out the people outside. LOL.

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