Sep 28, 2010

Looking for authentic lingerie like the ones on Mad Men? American Shapewear is your go to place!

Location Nurse Bettie, NYC. Photo by Lane Bensen.
Location Nurse Bettie, NYC. Photo by Lane Bensen
 I modeled for American Shapewear's beautifully made waist-cinchers and bras the other week, and they are SO comfortable and so well-made. Here are some pictures to prove how awesome they look! I'm wearing their 3/4 Length Firm Shaping Long Line Bra and the Luxurious Red Satin and Black Lace Corset.

More pictures from this photo shoot coming soon! In the meantime, check out all their retro-products here - my personal favorites are:

 < Corset Dress

< Silk & Satin Camisole


  1. I always used to buy vintage-style lingerie at "What Katy Did"

    What Katy Did

    They are a British concern, but I love the way their stuff looks.

  2. That is a great site and what a great selection of glamour lingerie! Thank you for sharing that link!