Sep 12, 2010

DC Likes Pretty Pretty Sweet Sweet

After! Scooter insisted on this photo...
My present the dragon & a pair of pasties Sue made
I performed with Sugar Shack Burlesque at The Palace of Wonders in DC last night with Runaround Sue, Scooter Pie, and Ekaterina. I LOVE performing there at the venue and Sue made it so comfortable and easy getting to and home by having Candy Cory pick us all up individually at our homes - curbside service! The crew at the Palace always impress me with their professionalism and thoughtfulness. Upon arriving David, the house photographer, gave us (who have been there before) a stuffed animal toy that corresponded to our stage names. Ekat got a cat-shaped trick-or-treat basket, I got a blue/silver dragon, and Sue got... I forgot what hers was. That really made me so happy! I don't think I'm the "present giving" kind of person, by that, I mean, I hardly receive presents. I'm always the one giving presents so this was so unexpected and it really made a strong impression on me.

Btw, have you checked out Runaround Sue's legs lately?? OMG She is BUFF. I was squatting by the stage with E-kat blowing bubbles at Scooter Pie during her mermaid act and when I looked up, all I saw was Sue's supertoned thighs and torn fishnets. I wished so badly I had my iphone with me to take a picture from that angle, she looked FIERCE with her leopard print and was all that shizzle. Anyway - you may or may not know that the Palace is undergoing major renovations. The upstairs is gone. There's a roof above the stage now. They changed the show format so we do 2 shows in one-night, one at 9:30pm and another at 11:30pm. And I have to say, it really works! I opened the show with the Blue act which is a great crowd-pleaser. This act is Vegas-Casino Oceans' Eleven inspired and the music is also from the soundtrack. High-energy and lots of pieces to take off. I am obsessed with this act! I did it at Fashion's Night Act for Coco de Mer on Friday night as well. Then for the second set, I did the Nun. When the nun came out, everyone clapped. People love a good archetype. They love the stripping, they love the PVC corset, the thigh hi boots, but then came the rosary beads... they no love so much. I was all pretty pretty sweet sweet with the first act and gogo-ing then suddenly this rosary beads business. When the act was finished, only about half of the people clapped and it was a "I'm not sure if I should be clapping clappping." In NYC, everyone LOVES this act. But hey, they came to see a show headlined with all NYC performers so you're gonna go home with some scandal and I'll give you some scandal!

Second set went great, I opted out the nun (haha) and went for the classic black fan dance instead. We all did really good and piled back in Cory's car happy and full of Taylor's sandwich. No one wanted to try that fried fish/chicken place around the corner with me though. I keep telling them that you know it's good fried stuff because there's never any white people in there. I also went in the Islamic shop down the street to look for tansy oil (to get rid of the mosquitos biting me at night) - and it was not what I thought an Islamic shop would be like. It was all these black dudes getting oils, incense and stuff. They recommended eucalyptus so I'm giving that a try and hopefully will sleep through the night without itching myself awake. We made it back to the city in 3 hours too. So happy. My body especially my feet feel like someone beat them up with Friday night dancing in the window and Saturday's two shows and two gogo sets. Tomorrow night is Beatles Burlesque! I am so excited because Honi Harlow, Michael, and I are doing an act together to Nowhere Man. I slept for a few hours and got up to rehearse with them earlier today. I'm excited!!!

Scandalized DC audience with my Nun act!
Debuted new blue Ocean's act twice. Sparklers!


  1. re. the reservation about the nun act, DC = lots of Republicans. Just sayin.