Sep 16, 2010

annoying white old men

I have to rant for a second since I can't tweet this - its too long - and I don't want to use my previous FB status word count for this. I get in the elevator of my building and this white haired guy who I have seen a few times in the building comes in. He's maybe in his mid-50s (who knows, I can't tell) and we're making polite conversation about the sudden lighting and thunderstorm. Then randomly he says, "I have a Korean girlfriend." I was WTF? Do you think I care?? I don't respond at all. He keeps going, "She's great." And I'm praying, please don't start telling me that she's great in bed with you cause her oriental pussy is tight or some disgusting cliché. Okay so he doesn't say that but more platitudes of the MOST BORING type come out of his mouth and he says that she's a "complicated and complex soul" and blah blah at that point I was just livid. I don't care if he's girlfriend is yellow, blue or gold. What, you think by telling me that your girlfriend is Asian that I will think you are so worldly and sophisticated? Or that I will suddenly find your wizzly white-haired cock desirable? Like I'm going to give you a BJ in the elevator or some shit? It's a FUCKING STUPID thing to say. Or that you "get my culture"??? Or that you empathize with my cultural diaspora?!?!? OMG GO BRUSH YOUR HAIR!!!

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  1. preach it homegirl! this happens to me all the time. i feel like they think it means you share a common bond. ARGH