Sep 19, 2010

Last Night at Coco de Mer & a New Video Clip from Fashion's Night Out

This is me and Gal Friday doing a burlesque show tease at Coco de Mer in NoLiTa on the night of Fashion's Night Out. We alternated between dancing in the window that faces the street and we each did two acts in the back salon. It was a free event with cocktails. FNO is like Halloween for the fashion world. The street was crawling with people all "fashioned out" in whatever is in the magazines. I have a bad attitude towards "fashion" because I don't think it's art and it's trying to be. Kind of like when I was in graduate school, I felt like a graphic designer trying to be an artist, and then later on after grad school when I started working in dotcom and agencies, I felt like I was an artist trying to be a graphic designer.  I digress. Here's the clip for your enjoyment! We had a great time that night. Gal was sick but you could never tell. She's a trooper!

Last night's show was GREAT with Darlinda Just Darlinda and Deity Delgado. Our group act was brilliantly conceived by DJD, aka "the mastermind of bizare extravaganza" - Deity and I were dogs wearing Ilyra Fleet dog masks and harnesses while DJD is the cat in heat in a leopard outfit with cat ears also made by Ilya Fleet. Our song was a rare B-side by Prince called "Scarlet Pussy". There was a big group of bachelorette girls who were all decked-out and all very pretty. They were high energy, getting properly drunk from the open bar, and very very wild. After the end of the show, they all wanted to pose with the red leather heel chair on stage and I think someone tripped and fell off the stage from the red glitter that came out of DJD's crotch. Yes, this is my life!
The view of the stage from the office.

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