Aug 31, 2015

Holiday Striptease Advent Calendar - Getting Ready!

It may be another steamy, humid 90+ week here in NYC, but I'm already thinking ahead to cool, frosty, beautiful winter and started to prepare for my holiday burlesque striptease calendar! It is one of my favorite personal content driven projects to work on and I only release it on my Instagram account. It starts on December 1 to 25. If you missed last winter's calendar, you'll have to scrub through my IG feed to find all 25 mini striptease clips.

This past weekend I shot with Mike Webb Photography again to create the film clips for the calendar. We found a really great hotel deal in awful Times Square, but it is one of my favorite neo-gothic boutique hotels in town that won't break the bank. Everything in the hotel is monochromatic, there is NO color used at all. We shot film and more stills to add to my "Hotel Series" on my website. We were able to get 3 great shots in addition to all 25+ mini clips for the calendar, but the struggle is real, ya'll! Of course halfway through I got tired and just wanted to order champagne and snacks to the room. I swear I was one of those Southern, overweight, filthy rich ladies of the yore who lounged around on a chaise bed eating bonbons all day in a past life. The only way I powered through was promising myself a bowl of decadent pasta (my forbidden food!) after the shoot. And reward I did! I even went to Olive Garden nearby for this awful "treat". Should have gone to Frankie's though because the food sucks at OG. You can taste the over saltiness and low grade ingredients...

I've got many hours of photo processing and film editing ahead, and it's the perfect week to work on this since its really too hot to be out and about anyway. I can't wait to share all the final products! The advent calendar will release on December 1, 2015 but the stills will come out a bit sooner. Here's a little teaser for you!

Here is a clip from 2014!

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