Apr 24, 2014

DORIAN GRAY WEDNESDAYS - NYC Club Culture Like the Way It Used to Be

I had the pleasure of performing at Kayvon Zand & Anna Evan's Dorian Grey Wednesdays last night at The Bowery Electric. Kayvon and Anna are true club kids and throw this weekly dance party that's both goth and dark wave and punk and new wave and everything that makes NYC inspiring and creative - an aspect that is rapidly fading in the fight against "corporate NYC". Condo after condo are replacing old institutions. Just last week, Pearl Paint has closed! Well, if all the artists and creative people (that does NOT include "Creative Directors" in advertising) have all been priced out of living here why would the city need a massive art supply store? Dorian Gray played awesome dance music and everyone was dressed to the nines just like the old Mother!!! I can't remember going to a dance party that's like this and not filled with Wall Street types, suits, and mean model-y (or escort-y) type of women in blow out straight hair and their Malahno or whatever in years. It was really refreshing for me to sink back into this scene where people want to be weird, and they don't want to blend in and grow a beard.

Kayvon and Anna come up with a different theme every week. Last night was "Game of Thrones"!

Check out some of their past party photos here. Just the costumes are worth clicking through.

Next weekend the Zand Collective will be starting a new monthly event where club kids take over the Museum of Sex!

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