Dec 27, 2011

The Final Push!

Besides all the shows I am and have been doing this busy month, I have quite a few blog posts that have been festering away just waiting for me to have some downtime where I can gather my thoughts. For now I will have to content myself with getting my costumes together to perform in BOSTON for New Year's Eve at the very popular, highly beloved The Beehive in a part of Boston that my Boston-ite friends have unanimously praised from the vibe to the sight line. The owner is also a friend of a friend, and she highly recommended working with him. All these things (hopefully) bode good things because I do believe that whatever you do on New Year's Eve holds a glimpse of things to come in 2012.

For instance last NYE I performed at Macao Trading Company's annual decadent party (do they do anything that's NOT decadent?) where I ended up hosting the event standing on top of the bar while Bird of Paradise dodged the servers while doing her tightrope act and Lil Steph worked with a space that was the circumference of a poodle skirt. No joke. It was a very hectic night as it usually is here in NYC on NYE. Steph and her boy Ray crashed at our place. We were all so hungry that we ordered Domino's, the only place delivering that night, and we watched "Inglorious Bastards" which I never saw before because I have an anti-Tarantino soapbox that I stand on. I didn't even know who Michael Fassbender was when I saw this movie and look what happened in 2011? I got to work with him on one of the most controversial and critically praised film of the year, Shame! And in 2011, I have ordered more Domino's than ever before... Their new chicken nuggets are REALLY good, for real!

Stormy Leather and I will be performing together at The Beehive and staying overnight at a really nice boutique hotel that The Beehive have generously and kindly provided for us along with all transportation coverage. We are each doing 3 acts for the night. I am really excited about going to Boston for NYE and performing for the audience at Beehive. Maybe this means next year I will be traveling and performing out of NYC more or that I will become a conservative Republican.

Here's the flyer for the event in case any of my readers will be there!

Buy tickets online at!


  1. My friend Moon lives in Boston, she says it's very cold this time of year. Hope the Beehive will be nice and warm for you. She works at the Pan Thai Restaurant which is really close to where you'll be performing.

  2. I will try to get some food there and look for your friend! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I hope you like the food :-)

  4. hey PWS! I saw Pan Thai from the cab but didn't get a chance to go. We didn't have a car so were limited to where we were staying.

  5. Oh, that's too bad, well, maybe next time you get up to Boston.