Nov 16, 2011

Let Me Get My Hands on Your Mammary Glands

Me, Cheeky Lane, Stella Chuu

I just posted a new post called "Let Me Get My Hands on Your Mammary Glands" at where the three of us Chinese girls dish about our D's! Read it here >

Here are some more pictures of Cheeky and Stella from shows they've been in.

By Don Spiro
By Maggie Saniewska

By Stacie Joy

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  1. I stumbled across your article after helping a friend look up info on Asian burlesque dancers. Thank you for writing it because I grew up with a similar mentality. It's really hard to love your body when your peers (and even a director) make a big deal about a part that is seen as shameful. I still have a love-hate relationship with my boobs, but taking belly dance and burlesque classes has allowed me to be more accepting of my body. It also helps to see people like you, Cheeky, and Stella be proud of your bodies.