Sep 14, 2011

Steve McQueen talks about SHAME at Toronto International Film Festival 2011

Remember when I went in to do the threesome scene with Michael Fassbender with my friend DeeDeeLuxe in that film SHAME by British director Steve McQueen? Well, the film got picked up by FoxSearchlight for US distribution at the Toronto Film Festival this weekend which bodes only one thing in film language = Oscar run 2011! Not only that by Fassbender won Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival the weekend prior too. The film is coming to the New York Film Festival 2011 on October 7 and 9th at Lincoln Center and believe you me, DeeDee and I are planning a big night out of this screening. My friend Minx in Toronto has already seen the film as well as my tweeter friend @MFOnline - and both have given me the same reaction "powerful" "intense" "beautifully shot" - so I'm really excited to see what Steve has done with our scene. I heard there were a lot of soft focus and bouncing. DeeDee and I are credited as "Late Night Lover #1" and "Late Night Lover #2". It seems like SHAME is the most controversial and highly regarded film to be out in the festival season this year, and here's a clip of Steve talking about the film at TIFF Q&A this weekend. Jump to 17:53 to hear a nice little shout out to us from Steve himself!

Fassbender portrays sex addict in new film 'Shame'

Toronto International Film Festival 2011 | Fassbender portrays sex addict in new film 'Shame'

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