Sep 13, 2011

My Episode on Oddities!

Did I mention that I haven't had TV in my house for 6 years until recently? Now I have cable TV but I still don't watch it regularly. I like watching movies off of NetFlix and there are some sitcoms that I like. One of which is the show Oddities on Discovery Channel or Science Channel. The show is about the antique shop Obscura in the East Village of Manhattan in NYC and the various objects they sell and the eccentric people that come through the shop in their search for... well, oddities. The show had me hooked from the first time I laid eyes on it. I have been inside Obscura many years ago. They've been in the East Village for years. So now I'll be on the show! This week I went for my call time and filmed my segment. I can't divulge what the object that I bought is until the episode airs (sometime in Nov/Dec) but I can say that it was very fun working with the small, tight knit camera crew, and it was really fun to talk to Mike and Evan, the owners of the shop. Turns out that Evan used to play in the alt rock band at Mother's "Click & Drag" parties!! Yes, I've been in NYC for over ten years and I'm referencing a defunct club. Anyway, "Click & Drag" was a cyber-fetish party. This was in the haydays of dotcom craziness when films such as Synthetic Pleasures I and II were big deals. Evan was in the house band. So cool! I also saw a newspaper clipping of Evan from 20008 in NYTimes' style section for a gothic ball party she attended. She's a fucking cool ass lady! My episode has to do with the scar on my stomach and the surgery. The object they found for me is related to the abdomen. When I first saw it, I was like, "What the hell is this thing?" It looked like something from a Victorian insane asylum. That's all I'm gonna say! You'll have to watch the episode when it airs!

Not used to getting up so early... coffee first
Doing the on-the-street interviews
Outside the shop
Evan and I
Here's a clip from another episode to give you a sense of how awesome this show is:

PS: This reminds me of an old show called "Friday the 13th" starring a redheaded actress named Robie. The show was also about an antique shop that burned down or something and all the objects were cursed and let out to the world. So the three main characters' job were to find these objects again. I used to watch it all the time. I loved it.


  1. I'm Editing the show right now and I'm having a blast. You look great and the object they got for you is wonderful!

  2. You hooked me with that one! I wonder how to watch the show from France. I guess I'll find a way. I also remember Friday the 13th pretty well, it used to be every monday, a bit late. I was something like 14 or 15 and I must admit that I was watching it a lot because of Micky 'Redhead' Foster (played by Louise Robey)…

  3. Hi Thierry! Apparently Louise Robey has a music album out since her days on Friday the 13th!