Jan 15, 2011

Electroluminescent Wire

Corset with EL lighting & Little Stormy's hat
To be deconstructed and re-fashioned by Liz!

I'm doing a new act this Sunday at The Standard for their Sunday Bingo party. It's a custom act for Chris who is throwing the party. I am SO excited about this outfit and act! Just LOOK at it! Besides the fact that Little Stormy made me a hat that matches perfectly - the corset lights up like Tron using two battery packs that I velcro-ed to the back of the corset. The wire is called EL (electroluminescene) wire and it's soft enough to adhere to your clothes. It's what Daft Punk used to make their famous suits as seen below.
My corset at The Standard's Sunday Bingo party
I am so inspired by this wire. I used thin fishing wire to sew the wire along the seams of the corset. This was painstaking and took two nights AND broke a needle. I originally made this with Kylie Minoque's "Speakerphone" in mind - which I am still developing but for this Sunday I'm doing a bared-down version to Santogold's "You'll Find a Way" the Switch & Sinden remix. I'm hoping to finish making the "inside" part of the costume with the longer wire I have. My vision is to construct the wire around my body as if I am wearing a cupless bra and thongs that light up in the end.

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